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Recipes Using RayZ Jerk Jam

Jerk is both a seasoning and a style of cooking native to Jamaica. Traditionally meat, chicken, or pork is either marinated or rubbed in a seasoning made of various spices and the key ingredient: Scotch bonnet peppers. Jerk pork or chicken was traditionally smoked over a wood charcoal pit fire, but now is usually grilled…
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How to Use RayZ Jerk Jam

RayZ Jerk Jam is packed with delicious herbs and spices which means there are no additional seasonings needed and no need to marinate (unless you choose to). Mix contents of the jar well. Remove the portion you wish to use (making sure not to double dip). You are ready for a delicious meal! *Refrigerate after…
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Jerk Turkey for Thanksgiving?

You can roast a traditional turkey for that same boring Thanksgiving dinner but why not jerk your turkey instead? Try RayZ Jammin Jerk Sauce to bring out that Authentic Jamaican Jerk flavor. Your family members will love that sweet spicy kick from a robust blend of honey and scotch bonnet peppers.
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About Our Company

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Put away your passport! You don't have to travel to Jamaica to find authentic Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. RayZ Jerk Jam made with traditional jerk ingredients is the real thing. Homemade, each jar starts with all natural herbs and spices that have been home grown before naturally dried and ground. These herbs and spices stay true to the customary way of making jerk and is fine tuned to produce an outstanding combination of distinct flavors that ensures you need no other seasonings to bring out the robust jerk flavor you desire. Simply add RayZ to any meats, steamed vegetables or even serve warm as a condiment to enjoy the flavors of true Caribbean Jerk Seasoning.

All You Need is RayZ!

History of Jerk

When one thinks of Jamaica a few things come to mind: white sandy beaches, Reggae music, and Jamaican Jerk. Jerk cooking is 100% Jamaican right down to its very core.  Fragrant, savory, sweet and tenaciously hot, jerk is truly a part of Jamaica’s history and can be traced back hundreds of years (at least since…
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We got a new Truck!

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